CHEMTREC®: Chief Executive

CHEMTREC, a division of the American Chemistry Council, is a 24/7, Level 1 emergency call center that provides information to emergency responders and others who need assistance during hazardous materials incidents (e.g. spills, fires, leaks, or personnel exposures). In addition, CHEMTREC provides a mechanism for shippers of hazardous materials to comply with certain domestic and international regulations which require an emergency telephone number to be displayed on shipping and other documentation, where immediate access to product information is necessary. CHEMTREC also serves as a 24/7 reporting and information service for companies who manufacture, ship, transport, or handle hazardous materials (e.g., reporting for quality control, pre-incident notification, crisis communication, etc.). CHEMTREC has aspects of both a public service and a commercial organization. CHEMTREC provides services globally from its facility in Falls Church, Virginia.  

Position Summary:

The Chief Executive is responsible for overseeing the CHEMTREC organization. The position develops and implements strategic goals and objectives to ensure CHEMTREC’s continued growth, sustainability, and alignment with the strategic priorities of the American Chemistry Council (ACC).  The position oversees the design, operation, and maintenance of CHEMTREC’s physical assets including the facility and supporting systems as well as managing and/or overseeing the management of all personnel. The position reports directly to ACC’s Chief Financial and Chief Administrative Officer.

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Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develops and oversees implementation of strategic business objectives that enhance the value of CHEMTREC to ACC’s members and other CHEMTREC customers; enhance the CHEMTREC brand; and provide sustainable business growth.
  • Ensures a high state of operational readiness of the organization including the facility, systems, and personnel to meet customer expectations and contractual obligations.
  • Optimizes the organization’s financial performance.
  • Ensures the coordination of all elements of the CHEMTREC organization, including operations, sales and marketing, product development, strategic relationships, public outreach, finance, and administrative functions. 
  • Ensures operations and internal policies are developed and implemented to achieve operational efficiencies, while also maintaining compliance with ACC’s policies and relevant contractual obligations.
  • Develops and manages the overall CHEMTREC revenue and operating budget.
  • Ensures CHEMTREC’s products and services are relevant to the needs of the key customer groups, are of high quality, and are delivered in a consistent manner.
  • Builds relationships and interfaces with ACC leadership and staff to ensure the consistency of CHEMTREC’s goals and objectives with those of ACC.
  • Develops and sustains relationships with key domestic and international stakeholders, including negotiating partnership agreements, where appropriate.
  • Identifies and implements synergies across CHEMTREC, including opportunities to leverage and enhance staff and other organization resources.
  • Serves as highest level relationship manager for purposes of managing and resolving issues, as needed, with ACC resources and external organizations.
  • Oversees the overall work activities of employees within CHEMTREC, including establishing performance objectives, conducting performance reviews, and facilitating employee development for direct reports. 
  • Serves as the organizations senior spokesperson.



  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • 10 years progressive leadership experience in a business environment.
  • Five years’ global/international business management experience.
  • Demonstrated supply chain management or logistics experience.
  • Revenue goal accountability of at least $10 million, including business development and marketing responsibility.
  • Ability to cultivate and manage high quality stakeholder relationships.
  • Ability to process complex, technical, abstract verbal and written information for purposes of establishing strategy, direction and action plans.
  • Strong written and oral communications skills, as well as the ability to give internal and public presentations.
  • Demonstrated expertise as a senior-level leader with demonstrated skills in leading, coaching and mentoring all levels of staff.
  • Ability to build consensus, work in a team environment, and coordinate across multiple groups within a large organization.
  • Extensive domestic and international travel.


  • Master’s degree or equivalent post graduate work in related field.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of hazardous materials transportation and understanding of the hazardous materials transportation regulatory scheme.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of chemical or chemical-related industry.

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