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The business of chemistry is one of America’s largest industries, a $770 billion enterprise that creates hundreds of thousands of jobs. More than $700 billion of chemistry products flow through the economy each year.

The products of chemistry are present in some form in nearly every facet of the American economy—in fact, over 96 percent of all manufactured goods are directly touched by chemistry.

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is the definitive source for relevant and timely statistics on the business of chemistry and the contributions of the industry to our national economy.

U.S. Chemical Investment Linked to Shale Gas Reaches $100 Billion

Potential U.S. chemical industry investment linked to plentiful and affordable natural gas has topped $100 billion. These projects—new factories, expansions, and process changes to increase capacity—could lead to $81 billion per year in new chemical industry output and 637,000 permanent new jobs across the economy by 2023.

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[Economic data generated from the Guide to the Business of Chemistry 2013.]