Driving Innovation, Creating Jobs and Enhancing Safety

American chemistry is helping to solve the biggest challenges facing our nation and world by driving innovations that enable a healthier, safer and more sustainable future; creating jobs that support families and communities; and enhancing safety, both through the products of chemistry, and by continuously working to provide chemicals that are safe for their intended uses.

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Chemical Safety at West Virginia Workshop

Common Sense Government Policies and Regulations

The innovations, jobs and safety enhancements made possible by American chemistry rely on common sense government policies and regulations.

The chemistry industry supports science-based policies that will drive the responsible creation of groundbreaking products that improve lives and our environment, sustain the economic vitality of communities and protect public health.

Learn more about policies that can help American chemistry continue innovating, creating jobs and enhancing safety:

Environmental Regulations

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Freight Rail Reform

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The Chemical Safety Improvement Act is historic legislation to reform TSCA.

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