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Panel: Rob Simon
Media: Tom Flanagin


The Alliance for Telomer Chemistry Stewardship (ATCS) is a global organization that advocates on behalf of C6 fluorotelomer-based products. Our members are leading manufacturers of fluorotelomer based products in North America, Europe, and Japan. Our mission is to promote the responsible production, use, and management of fluorotelomer based products, while also advocating for a sound science- and risk-based approach to regulation.

Fluorotelomer-based products are versatile chemistries with wetting and spreading features, as well as unique properties that repel water, oil and stains. These unique characteristics make fluorotelomers a critical component of first responder gear, medical garments, paints and coatings, upholstery, class B firefighting foam, among other uses that families and businesses across the world rely on.


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