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Panel: Bill Gulledge
Media: Bryan Goodman

The member companies of the Ethylene Oxide/ Ethylene Glycols Panel of the American Chemistry Council have a solid commitment to product stewardship to promote health, safety and environmental protection as an integral part of designing, manufacturing, marketing, distributing, using, recycling and disposing of their products.

Key product stewardship activities include:

  • Sharing of information to enhance operational and emergency response practices;

  • Production of product stewardship guidance manual for members;

  • Toxicology and environmental research;

  • Seminars on manufacturing, handling, transportation and use of ethylene oxide.

Ethylene Oxide
What is Ethylene Oxide?
Panel History
EO Product Stewardship Manual – 3rd edition
Ethylene Oxide – An Essential Raw Material for Many Important Products (chart)
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