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Panel: Jon Busch
Media: Sarah Scruggs

Glycol ethers are a type of solvent commonly produced from ethylene or propylene oxide that can act as both an organic and inorganic solvent. These properties make glycol ethers useful for both dissolving and binding materials, modifying boiling points and enhancing mixing properties. Additional applications include use as adhesives, anti-freeze, brake fluid, cleaning products, electronics cleaners, epoxies, floor polishes, inks, lacquers, metalworking fluids, paints, pastes and varnishes.

The Ethylene Glycol Ether Panel, chartered in 1980, and the Propylene Glycol Ether Panel, chartered in 1993, merged as one panel at the American Chemistry Council in 2002 to represent producers and manufactures of commercially available glycol ether chemistries. The Panel sponsors research, workshops and symposia and provides educational information about glycol ethers. The Panel also shares scientific data with United States and international regulatory agencies to promote scientifically sound regulatory actions.

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