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Panel: Bill Gulledge
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Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a clear liquid which is heavier than water but mixes very well with water. Hydrogen peroxide (three percent solution) is frequently used for disinfecting and cleaning. It has a faint odor and is generally a noncombustible liquid. Hydrogen peroxide is commercially available at varying concentrations. Some applications call for weak hydrogen peroxide solutions of 10 percent or less. Specialty applications of hydrogen peroxide use technical grade concentrations ranging from 35 percent purity. In general, the higher the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the more likely it will react with oxygen and cause other materials to ignite and burn.

The American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Hydrogen Peroxide Panel is composed of the major producers of hydrogen peroxide in North America. The Panel promotes the principles of Responsible Care®  with respect to the safe handling and use of hydrogen peroxide. The Panel is actively involved in communicating on advocacy issues, current research, as well as informing government agencies and the public on health, safety and environmental arising from the production, use, storage, transportation and disposal of hydrogen peroxide. 

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