U.S. Business of Chemistry Flow Chart

This flow chart presents estimates of the direct uses of the output of the U.S. Business of Chemistry. The estimates reflect direct purchases by the consuming industry or sector. The chart shows shipments, which represent the value of business of chemistry output that leaves the plant gate. Some of this output is consumed by the business of chemistry (i.e., ethylene is purchased to produce polyethylene resin).

A portion of chemistry output leaves the U.S. as exports. At the same time, U.S. businesses and final customers import chemistry products. The remainder is what is available for final sale to U.S. customers. Sales to consumers and other include sales of chemistry products directly to consumers, (i.e., shampoos, pharmaceuticals, do-it-yourself products, etc.). Other industries that directly purchase from the business of chemistry include rubber and plastic products, health care, agriculture, construction, etc.

Economic data generated from the Guide to the Business of Chemistry 2015.