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WASHINGTON, D.C. (Sept. 28, 2011) - Earlier this week, the U.S. Senate adopted by unanimous consent a resolution issued by Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), designating 2011 as the "International Year of Chemistry." Senate Resolution 283 "recognizes the achievements made in the field of chemistry and the contributions of those achievements to the well-being of humankind…and solutions that successfully address global challenges involving safe food and water, alternate sources of energy, improved health and a healthy and sustainable environment."

American Chemistry Council (ACC) President & CEO  Cal Dooley issued the following statement:

"By designating 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry , the U.S. Senate is recognizing the role that chemistry plays in enabling a safer, healthier, more rewarding future for all Americans.

"American chemistry is helping to solve the greatest challenges facing our nation, by  creating jobs that support families and communities; by  driving innovations that enable a healthier, safer, and more sustainable future; and by enhancing safety , both through the products of chemistry we use every day and through efforts to ensure that all chemicals are safe for their intended use.

"Nearly 800,000 Americans rely on jobs in the chemical industry-earning approximately 46 percent more than the average manufacturing wage. Developing and producing the products of chemistry creates a ripple effect that is responsible for almost 5 million American jobs and 27 percent of the GDP. American chemistry touches nearly every sector of our economy , from agriculture, construction and technology to manufacturing and retail trade.

"In the next 40 years, the global population will expand to nine billion people, creating a tidal wave of demand on the Earth's finite resources. Only though chemistry will it be possible to provide a healthy and plentiful food supply, clean air and water, safe living conditions, efficient and affordable energy sources, and life-saving medical treatments to communities across the country and around the globe."

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