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Safeguarding chemical facilities and surrounding communities is industry's top priority

WASHINGTON (September 30, 2014) - The following statement may be attributed to the American Chemistry Council (ACC) in response to a new report from the Center for Effective Government:

"Safeguarding chemical facilities and the surrounding communities is a top priority for ACC and our members. Thanks to the combination of industry and government programs, there has been great progress in enhancing the safety and security of chemical facilities across the nation.

"ACC and its members have sought to build upon the overall industry's safety performance through Responsible Care®, the chemical industry's world-class environmental, health, safety and security performance initiative.

"Under Responsible Care, ACC members must identify, assess and prioritize safety risks and ensure that all employees have the required knowledge, expertise, tools and training to address these potential risks in their operations. Adherence to Responsible Care is mandatory for ACC members, as well as for Responsible Care Partner companies, which includes chemical transporters, distributors, warehouses, logistics planners and others along the supply chain. Responsible Care companies have reduced the number of incidents that resulted in a product spill, fire, explosion or injury by 55 percent since 1995. 

"ACC members also have moved aggressively to secure their facilities by adopting the widely-praised Responsible Care Security Code. Over the past decade, our members have invested almost $13 billion in chemical facility security enhancements under the Code.

"ACC and our members also support a multitude of existing federal programs that regulate chemical safety and security, including the Risk Management Plan Rule, Safe Drinking Water Act, Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) and the Maritime Transportation Security Act. 

"Furthermore, we have joined with other organizations to work with President Obama's interagency Working Group, which was established as a part of the Executive Order on Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security, to improve the effectiveness of safety and security regulations, including the best approach for the promotion of safer alternatives.

"Because of our critical role in the economy and our responsibility to our neighboring communities, safety and security will continue to be a top priority for ACC and its members."    


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