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WASHINGTON   (March 26, 2013) - The California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation concluded its public comment period today on a draft regulation that would, among other changes, eliminate the state's open flame test for upholstered furniture. In response to these developments, the North American Flame Retardant Alliance released the following statement.

"We have submitted official comments that reflect our concerns that the Bureau is removing an important layer of fire protection that Californians have enjoyed for over 35 years and overstepping its regulatory authority in the process. Since the National Fire Protection Association reports that candles, matches and lighters are still a major cause of upholstered furniture fires, regulators in California should propose a standard that includes an open flame test . Any concerns about flame retardants should be addressed through the new regulatory process that California is developing to evaluate chemicals used in consumer products."

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