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WASHINGTON (August 8, 2014) - The American Chemistry Council (ACC) today responded to the release of a report by the University of Michigan's Energy Institute and Institute for Manufacturing Leadership, "Shale Gas: A Game-Changer for U.S. Manufacturing."

"The University of Michigan's new report affirms that shale gas has a major role in reviving the nation's manufacturing sector. It is welcome addition to public-private dialogue about government policies needed to drive further growth in shale-related manufacturing.

"In the chemistry industry, a historic expansion is well underway. To date, 194 projects representing $123 billion in new chemical industry investment is planned for the U.S., and 64 percent is by companies based abroad. Plentiful, affordable supplies of natural gas and natural gas liquids from shale have lowered costs and made U.S.-based production more attractive.

"ACC supports a comprehensive national energy strategy that expands access to domestic natural gas resources; enables responsible, state-based regulation of production; develops infrastructure to transport supplies; and promotes energy efficiency and alternative sources, such as energy recovery. In addition, companies investing in large-scale manufacturing projects such as new facilities and expansions need certainty as to the processes and timing for obtaining permits."

The study follows a U-M-sponsored symposium held in Washington in March that featured a diverse group of participants discussing shale-related policies that can strengthen U.S. manufacturing. ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley explained how the shale gas boom is attracting unprecedented new chemical industry investment to the U.S.


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