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WASHINGTON (March 17, 2021) – American Chemistry Council (ACC) President and CEO, Chris Jahn, issued the following statement regarding the confirmation of Katherine Tai as United States Trade Representative (USTR):

“Katherine Tai is eminently qualified to use the levers of U.S. trade policy to create a stronger, more equitable and sustainable future for American businesses and families. The U.S. chemicals industry is equally suited for the job, supplying the innovations needed to help fight climate change, and the new capital investment and exports to support new jobs around the country. We look forward to working with Ambassador Tai through a more open, transparent, and predictable process to help the Administration advance its ambitious trade agenda.

“ACC advocates for smart, targeted trade policies that will create a robust business environment for our industry and, as a result, the countless downstream businesses that depend on chemistry. Due to chemistry’s early position in the supply chain, trade policies that sustain and grow chemical industry competitiveness – access to new markets, tariff relief, and greater regulatory coherence – will be crucial to reinvigorating our economy from top to bottom. ‘Trickle-up’ policies that benefit the largest downstream customers of chemicals – agriculture, building and construction, and automotive – can also strengthen our industry’s ability to grow and create jobs by increasing demand for our products.

“Chemistry is well-recognized for being a direct and indirect jobs engine. Our industry employs 544,000 Americans, 30 percent of whom are in jobs made possible by U.S. chemicals exports. For every one job created by the business of chemistry, 7.2 are generated elsewhere in the economy, totaling over 4.4 million jobs. Opening new markets to U.S. exports of chemicals will help our industry support even more American jobs.”


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