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WASHINGTON (February 9, 2017) – The American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) board of directors yesterday approved the addition of Huntsman Corporation and AdvanSix Inc., as new Regular manufacturing member companies along with one new Associate member company and one new Responsible Care® Partner company. 

“The chemical industry is the cornerstone of this country’s manufacturing future, so it’s vitally important that we have common-sense, science-driven policies that encourage marketplace competition, fuel economic growth, and spur the innovations that make the world a better and safer place,” said ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley. “The addition of industry leaders Huntsman Corporation and AdvanSix on our board of directors will help ensure ACC’s continued success as we work to promote the role of American chemistry in our country’s global manufacturing future,” Dooley added. 

The companies approved this week represent a wide range of products, services, and end-use market sectors including food packaging, automotive, aerospace, beauty and personal care, medical devices, and paints and coatings, among many others. In addition to Huntsman Corp. and AdvanSix Inc., ACC’s board of directors also approved Intertek Scientific and Regulatory Consultancy as an Associate member and Professional Transportation Center, LLC as a Responsible Care Partner Company. 


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