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WASHINGTON (January 29, 2020) – In testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) expressed its support for the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) and urged the White House and Congress to fill the open positions on the Board.

At a hearing to discuss the importance of the CSB, ACC’s President and CEO, Chris Jahn, explained why the Board’s mission is valuable to the chemical industry and why Congressional action is needed.

“The CSB has the important job of independently investigating major accidents and making recommendations. The CSB’s findings are very influential and a catalyst for safety improvements,” said Jahn. “In short, ACC values the work of the CSB.”

“ACC believes that the Board plays a much needed role for safeguarding chemical facilities, the public, and the environment,” he continued. “In order to be effective in that role, the CSB needs the five Board members that Congress envisioned when it created the CSB.”

The CSB is currently operating with just two board members and will be down to a single board member in February, which has never happened since the Board was created.

“Unfortunately, there is a very real prospect that the Board will soon have only one full member, which is a scenario that ACC and its members would like to avoid,” Jahn warned. “That is why we urge the Administration to nominate additional well-qualified industry and process safety experts to serve on the Board. And, we ask the Senate to confirm those nominees as soon as possible.”

Jahn concluded his testimony by thanking the current and past board members for their work to promote chemical safety and expressing ACC’s commitment to help ensure a fully functioning and fully staffed CSB.

“We look forward to working with you and the Administration to fill the open positions at the CSB with capable and committed candidates, and to ensure the Board has the resources it needs to fulfill its mission,” said Jahn.


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