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Council Notes FDA's Position That BPA Is Safe for Approved Use

WASHINGTON (June 12, 2013) - In response to a study published today in the journal PLOS ONE about Bisphenol A and obesity, the American Chemistry Council released the following statement.

"Attempts to link our national obesity problem to minute exposures to chemicals found in common, everyday products are a distraction from the real efforts underway to address this important national health issue. Due to inherent, fundamental limitations in this study, it is incapable of establishing any meaningful connection between BPA and obesity. In particular, the study measures BPA exposure only after obesity has developed, which provides no information on what caused obesity to develop, a limitation noted by the study's authors.

"It is important to note that the FDA has said unequivocally that BPA is safe for its approved uses. FDA's current perspective is based on its review of hundreds of studies, as well as its comprehensive research on BPA. It is also relevant to note that dozens of studies have monitored the body weight of laboratory animals exposed to BPA. These studies found no consistent effect on body weight, indicating that BPA exposure is not likely to cause obesity."

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