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Ohio's Natural Gas Spurring Job Creation, Driving Economic Growth

COLUMBUS, OH (May 2, 2012) - The American Chemistry Council (ACC) participated in today's  Ohio Energy Jobs Summit to highlight how abundant and affordable supplies of  natural gas from shale will create jobs, boost exports, and increase investment in Ohio. The Columbus event was hosted by The Hill newspaper, sponsored by the Coalition for American Jobs, and included a broad representation of members from the Ohio Congressional delegation, state public officials and business leaders across the state.

ACC President and CEO  Cal Dooley introduced Ohio Governor John Kasich , who has announced an all-of-the-above approach to energy policy that supports a strong, secure and sustainable energy future by maximizing its diverse natural resources, including natural gas, biofuels, coal and renewable sources. 

Momentive Performance Materials Holdings LLC , a chemical manufacturing company based in Columbus, was represented by Executive Vice-President Jody Bevilaqua during a panel discussion with Ohio companies on the broad  economic impact of new shale gas development in the state.

"Natural gas is a game changer. Ohio's supply of natural gas from shale has the potential to create tens of thousands of high-paying manufacturing jobs, drive economic output and generate revenues for the Buckeye state," Dooley said. 

"Ohio is a model for states on how leveraging abundant shale gas through responsible production can reduce energy costs and create a competitive advantage for its manufacturing industry, particularly for chemical manufacturers. The result is increased investment, more jobs and a growing, robust economy."

ACC recently projected that the establishment of a  new chemical plant to take advantage of shale gas in Ohio could create 17,000 new permanent jobs, provide more than $1 billion in wages for Ohio workers and produce $169 million in tax revenue for the state.  

Today's event comes in the midst of ACC's recently launched energy advocacy and awareness campaign, From Chemistry to Energy , which advocates for a comprehensive national energy strategy that maximizes all domestic energy resources, with a focus on robust and responsible production of domestic shale gas ; improved residential, commercial and industrial energy efficiency ; and expanded adoption of energy recovery programs . Each will help meet national energy security, economic and environmental goals while also creating value for the business of chemistry and creating energy solutions for a strong, secure and sustainable future.

For more information about the From Chemistry to Energy campaign, please visit . Also,  join the conversation on Twitter using #Chemistry2Energy and follow campaign updates at @AmChemistry and .


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