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Ads focus on Scalise’s strong leadership on our economy, taxes

WASHINGTON (Oct. 6, 2016) – The American Chemistry Council (ACC) announced today that it has launched advertisements commending House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.-01). The ads highlight Whip Scalise’s leadership to make Washington work better for Louisiana. 

“Scalise understands the challenges facing our country and our economy. During his time in leadership, he has directed policies that cut wasteful spending and keep taxes low, helping our economy and creating good-paying jobs,” explained ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley. “His conservative leadership has been critical to America’s manufacturing sector and small businesses in Louisiana and across our nation.”

“Louisiana is the third-largest chemistry-producing state in our country, and chemistry is the second largest manufacturing industry in the state,” continued Dooley. “Because of Louisiana’s distinct impact on our industry and as representatives one of the nation’s largest manufacturing sectors, we want to acknowledge Whip Scalise’s hard work and bipartisan leadership on key issues that help industry and our economy.”

The ads for Whip Scalise will run for two weeks throughout the first district of Louisiana and will encourage constituents to contact the office of the Congressman to tell him to keep fighting for Louisiana.

You can view the ad below or here:


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