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WASHINGTON (January 12, 2017) – The following statement regarding The Environmental Protection Agency’s final reporting and recordkeeping rule on nanoscale materials can be attributed to Jay West, senior director of the American Chemistry Council’s Nanotechnology Panel: 

"While we have not had a chance to analyze all legal and technical aspects of the final rule, the Nanotechnology Panel notes that EPA made some important clarifications in response to our and others’ comments. We hope those clarifications will help manufacturers and processors better understand their legal obligations. The Panel appreciates that the rule focuses on nanoscale substances that exhibit unique and novel properties. Although limited, the inclusion of some references to internationally recognized terminology and material characterization approaches is also a positive change.

"At the same time, many of the issues the Panel raised in comments on the proposed rule were not addressed sufficiently in the final rule. We are compiling a list of topics that we believe require additional explanation, and we will share that list with the agency. We appreciate EPA’s acknowledgment that there are several important questions to be answered in future guidance and the extension of the reporting deadline. The Panel is prepared to work with EPA and other stakeholders to ensure that additional guidance is as clear and workable as possible and is available in a timely manner. The Panel strongly recommends that the agency schedule one or more public Q&A sessions prior to the effective date of the regulation to answer questions about implementation and reporting responsibilities."


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