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WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 18, 2011)   - Cal Dooley , CEO and President of the American Chemistry Council, issued the following statement today, the deadline under a January executive order issued by President Obama for federal agencies to submit their plans for the review of existing regulations so that onerous and counterproductive rules can be eliminated.

"As a highly regulated industry, our members know firsthand the harmful impact excessive and poorly developed regulations can have on innovation, growth and job creation. We were encouraged when the president issued his executive order last January and then reiterated his called for a review of the federal rules imposed on businesses during his State of the Union Address, and we are eager to see the agencies' plans for the review process as they are made public.

"While we are hopeful that today's deadline moves the president's initiative toward achieving meaningful results, we urge him and lawmakers to look beyond individual regulations, and to reform the process itself. Sound economic impact analysis and consistent standards for scientific quality, reliability and relevance must be ensured to produce rational, balanced regulatory outcomes. Improving the process and finding the right balance with respect to regulation is vital to our ability as an industry to compete in an expanding global market and create the high-skilled, high-paying domestic manufacturing jobs the nation needs."

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