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March 29, 2010

ARLINGTON, VA (March 29, 2010) - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today released an Action Plan on bisphenol A (BPA).  The following is a statement from Cal Dooley , President and CEO of the American Chemistry Council (ACC):

"It is important to recognize that EPA is not proposing any regulatory action regarding human health.  In fact, HHS and FDA recently reaffirmed that BPA has not been proven to cause harm to infants or adults, and other regulatory bodies around the world have determined that the science supports the safety of BPA," said Cal Dooley, ACC President and CEO.  "We look forward to a productive exchange with EPA on this action plan, and working to modernize TSCA in a way that allows EPA to better prioritize chemicals for review.

BPA is one of the most thoroughly studied chemicals in commerce and comprehensive scientific assessments recently conducted in Europe and Japan have affirmed that BPA is not a risk to the environment at current low levels.  Numerous studies have found that BPA rapidly biodegrades, does not bioaccumulate and, if detected at all, is present in the environment only at trace levels that do not cause harmful effects." 

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