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Floor Debate to Begin Today

WASHINGTON (December 2, 2015) -  The American Chemistry Council (ACC) issued the following statement before House floor consideration of the "North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act of 2015" ( H.R. 8 ).

"H.R. 8 contains important provisions to update America's energy strategy. We welcome language to improve the siting review process for natural gas pipelines at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and to identify federal lands where natural gas transmission facilities can be located. New infrastructure will be vital to transport energy to manufacturers who use it to create jobs.

"We are disappointed that a provision calling for the development of a 21 st century energy and manufacturing workforce is not in the bill. While these sectors are expanding, we have been challenged to fill new positions and replace retirees.

"We continue to oppose the building energy codes language included in H.R. 8. Among other flaws, federalizing 'simple payback' requirements for State-adopted codes not only fails to fully consider the energy savings of efficiency improvements over the life of a home or building , but also ignores long-term costs to consumers who actually have to pay the energy bills. We urge lawmakers to continue to consider the interests of all stakeholders in the codes development process and not pick winners and losers at the outset. Chemistry is part of the solution, as we create many of the materials and technologies that help save energy in buildings.

"We support an amendment offered by Rep. David McKinley (R-W.Va.) directing the Secretaries of Energy and Commerce to study the creation of an ethane storage and distribution hub. Ethane is a natural gas liquid that serves as the main feedstock for chemical-making in the United States, and secure supplies can help sustain the industry's historic expansion and investment ."


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