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WASHINGTON (Dec. 20, 2019) – ACC today issued the following statement regarding EPA’s final designation of 20 chemicals as high priority substances for risk evaluations under the 2016 amendments to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA):

“EPA’s final designation of the next 20 high priority substances for risk evaluations represents another milestone in the effective and efficient implementation of TSCA. ACC commends Administrator Wheeler, Assistant Administrator Dunn and the dedicated staff at EPA for all of their hard work and dedication to ensure the law is implemented as Congress envisioned.

“It is important to note that—as EPA has said—designation of a substance as a high priority ‘does not constitute a finding of risk’ and should not be cause for concern. It simply means the high priority substances will now undergo the TSCA risk evaluation process. These risk evaluations must focus on the hazard and exposure potential of a designated high priority substance under its conditions of use. Further, these risk evaluations must be grounded in the best available science and the weight of the scientific evidence.

“During the TSCA risk evaluation process, chemical manufacturers, processors, importers and downstream users will have opportunities to provide data, information and public comments to EPA. To assist in that process, ACC’s Center for Chemical Safety is actively working to form consortia of interested stakeholders on certain high priority substances to help these stakeholders understand, coordinate and engage in the TSCA risk evaluation process. Five new consortia were announced last month, and future announcements may follow.

“ACC strongly supported the 2016 amendments to TSCA that established the requirement that EPA identify chemicals as high priorities for risk evaluation. The agency has an excellent track record of meeting the TSCA deadlines established by Congress. Successful implementation of TSCA in accordance with the statute and congressional intent is essential to ensuring protections for human health and the environment while enabling our industry to continue to innovate, create jobs and grow the economy.”


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