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WASHINGTON (June 4, 2014) - In response to a recently proposed redline of the Chemicals in Commerce Act (CICA) from Democrats on the House Energy & Commerce Committee, the following statement can be attributed to American Chemistry Council President & CEO Cal Dooley :

"We are very disappointed that Congressman Waxman has chosen to offer changes to the CICA that serve to undermine the efforts to move legislation forward in the House and that would create a completely unworkable chemical regulatory system. These proposals run counter to the careful and inclusive approach that was taken to draft the CICA and, if adopted, would move reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) backward instead of forward.

"Despite hearing from numerous witnesses during a series of hearings on how best to update TSCA, Congressman Waxman has offered changes that fail to properly address key issues. Specifically, these changes would create an impractical and extremely cumbersome process to prioritize chemical reviews and would only amplify the challenges that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently faces in making a safety determination for chemicals. The proposed changes would also dramatically increase the time it would take for EPA to review new chemicals, which would hinder the development of new products and technologies.

"We encourage Democrats on the Committee to focus their efforts on working with their Republican colleagues to offer constructive proposals that will improve TSCA . We believe the CICA provides a strong foundation for reform that will help create a world-class regulatory system, provide for the safe use of chemicals, protect American jobs and maintain U.S. global leadership in innovation."


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