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WASHINGTON (March 18, 2021)The American Chemistry Council (ACC) issued the following statement in advance of today’s hearing in the House Environment and Climate Change Subcommittee of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, “The Clean Future Act: Industrial Climate Policies to Create Jobs and Support Working Communities.”

“American chemistry has an important role as a provider of climate solutions and an engine of economic growth and jobs. We look forward to engaging with committee members and other lawmakers of both parties to discuss smart and effective ways to reduce emissions while maintaining a vibrant U.S. manufacturing sector.

“We support provisions that would create a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) program to support manufacturing of clean energy systems and help reduce emissions related to energy-intensive manufacturing. We also support the section that establishes a Sustainable Industry Rebate Program at DOE to assist industrial facilities in making upgrades to improve energy and water efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“American chemistry is essential to the ‘green jobs’ our nation wants to maintain and grow. We provide 544,000 skilled, good-paying jobs and support millions more jobs in other industries and local communities. We create inputs and technologies for items that save energy (building insulation, electric and fuel-efficient vehicles), enable renewable energy (e.g., wind turbines, solar panels), and lower the emissions intensity of industrial processes (e.g., CHP, CCUS, catalysis, hydrogen). These innovations are among the many ways chemistry is the science behind sustainability.”


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