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Products and Technologies Made Possible By the U.S. Chemical Industry Vital In the Fight against Climate Change

WASHINGTON (January 20, 2021) – The American Chemistry Council (ACC) today issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s executive action rejoining the Paris Agreement:

“The American Chemistry Council (ACC) and its members welcome President Biden’s executive decision to rejoin the Paris Agreement. America’s chemical and plastics manufacturers – a primary driver of the American economy, American innovation and the creation of emissions-reducing technologies - support meaningful efforts to reduce emissions for the health of our planet and future generations.

“In order for the opportunities afforded by the Paris Agreement to be fully realized the Administration, Congress and the private sector must work together to develop and implement a national, comprehensive, market-based system to drive emissions reductions.

“ACC’s member companies, essential enablers of a low carbon future, have adopted a set of climate policy principles. The technologies and materials created by our industry are helping to reduce emissions throughout our economy today. As demand for low and zero emissions solutions continues to grow in the future, so too will the demand for the products of chemistry, including plastics. Virtually every low-carbon electricity, energy efficiency and transportation technology is made possible by the chemical industry, including solar panels, wind turbines, electric and high-efficiency vehicles, energy-efficient building products, low-emissions fuels, and advanced batteries.

“Climate change is a global challenge that requires long-term commitment and action by every segment of society. ACC members stand ready to play a constructive role in the development of climate solutions that will support a healthy, thriving nation for generations to come.”


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