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WASHINGTON (December 10, 2020) – American Chemistry Council (ACC) President and CEO, Chris Jahn, issued the following statement in response to the nomination of Katherine Tai to serve as United States Trade Representative (USTR):

“ACC and its members welcome the nomination of Katherine Tai to serve as the next United States Trade Representative. Ms. Tai will bring a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to USTR and will play a pivotal role in fulfilling President-elect Biden’s promise to invest in American businesses and manufacturing to help rebuild our economy.

“As one of our nation’s largest exporting industries, the U.S. chemical sector depends on robust trade in raw materials, inputs, and finished products to help fuel manufacturing growth here at home. The current costly tariff policy continues to cut into our industry’s competitive advantage. We look forward to working with Ms. Tai, once confirmed, to reduce trading costs, enhance manufacturing competitiveness, and establish a more a predictable trading environment for the United States and our closest trading partners.”


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