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Guidance Document Offers Best Practices for Handling and Transport

WASHINGTON (September 22, 2015) - The American Chemistry Council's (ACC) Petroleum Additives Safety Task (PAST) Group has released " Safe Handling Guidelines for Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate (ZDDP) Components and Blends ." ZDDP, also referred to as ZDTP, ZDP and ZnDTP, is a well-known and widely used anti-wear chemical component in automotive lubricating oil additives.

"PAST developed this document to provide guidance for those handling ZDDP components and blends," said Doug Anderson, panel manager for the PAST Group. "Our goal is to provide information on industry's best practices and provide guidance when handling and transporting ZDDP."

"Safe Handling Guidelines for ZDDP Components and Blends" provides information for ZDDP users. It provides information on preventing a decomposition incident, which could occur when blending two organic compounds and a chemical reaction occurs but no chemical reaction was intended. It also provides information on steps to consider taking in the event such an incident occurs.

The PAST Group is a task group within ACC's Petroleum Additives Panel formed to support and promote the safe handling of fuel and lubricant additives during their manufacture, transportation, use and disposal. The Group accomplishes this by actively seeking to collect, analyze and share information on safe handling, transportation, and use; support appropriate research and studies related to safety issues; and represent the Panel in discussions related to safety issues.

For more information, visit or download the complete "Safe Handling Guidelines for ZDDP Components and Blends."


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