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Final New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)
Will Impose New Costs on Energy Supply Chain

WASHINGTON (May 12, 2016) - The American Chemistry Council (ACC) issued the following statement in response to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s issuance of final methane emission standards for new and heavily modified equipment and operations in the oil and gas sector.

"Today's action is troubling news for American households and businesses that rely on abundant and affordable energy. By finalizing rules for new sources in the oil and gas sector, EPA paves the way for regulation of existing sources, which number in the hundreds of thousands. The vast new costs imposed on our nation's oil and gas supply chain would be passed along to consumers.

"EPA's path is of particular concern for manufacturers such as the U.S. chemistry industry, which has invested $164 billion in plants and personnel linked to natural gas. Additional costs such as those associated with methane controls could jeopardize manufacturing growth and competitiveness in our industry.

"The U.S. is leading the world in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and methane emissions have fallen even as oil and natural gas production has risen dramatically. We urge the Administration to end its consideration of future methane regulations for the oil and gas sector."


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