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Improvements Suggested by Industry Reflected in Final Rule

WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 2, 2011) - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced important changes to how the agency will collect information on the chemicals in commerce under the new Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) rule. 

American Chemistry Council (ACC) Vice President of Regulatory & Technical Affairs  Mike Walls issued the following statement welcoming the improvements EPA made in the new rule:

"The American Chemistry Council and our members support EPA's effort to improve the agency's understanding of how chemicals are manufactured and used in commerce. The chemical industry filed constructive comments welcoming many of the substantive changes that were in the proposed rule, and the final rule reflects improvements that ACC suggested to the agency to ensure that companies are given the time needed to provide high quality information. 

"The new CDR will help ensure EPA receives accurate use and exposure information, which is essential to meet EPA's regulatory and policy needs and to improve the American public's understanding of chemicals in commerce.

"When used with hazard information, the data submitted by industry through the CDR will also help EPA screen and prioritize chemicals for further review. The enhancements made in the CDR and other improvements that ACC has recommended for the  Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) will improve the quality of the agency's chemical safety decisions and the public's confidence in them."

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