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SAVE Act Highlights Importance of Energy Efficiency in Buildings 

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 18, 2011) - The American Chemistry Council (ACC) today applauded Senators Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) for introducing the "Sensible Accounting to Value Energy (SAVE) Act." The bill instructs federal loan agencies to assess a borrower's expected energy costs when financing a house and allows homeowners to finance energy upgrades as part of a mortgage.

American Chemistry Council (ACC) President and CEO Cal Dooley issued the following statement:

"As an industry that creates many of the energy-saving solutions for American homes, we commend Senators Bennet and Isakson for this creative, cost-effective approach to improving energy efficiency.  Energy bills are one of the highest costs of homeownership.  The SAVE Act helps families stay in their homes by reducing their mortgage and energy expenses, year after year. And it does so in a fiscally responsible way, without taxpayer dollars.

"Chemistry companies are leaders in energy efficiency across the U.S. economy. For buildings, we deliver energy-saving materials and products used for insulation, roofing, piping, windows, air infiltration systems, compact fluorescent lighting, appliances, solar panels, and many others.

"We also know that in today's highly competitive global commerce, being energy-efficient in our own operations helps reduce costs and maintain our U.S. production and jobs. This commitment has led to a 56 percent improvement in our industry's energy efficiency since 1974, and 33 percent since 1990.  Earlier this year, we recognized member companies for implementing energy efficiency improvements in 2010 that saved 14.8 trillion BTUs - enough to power the homes of Akron, Ohio's 210,000 residents for one year."

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