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March 4, 2010

Congressional Action Imperative to Suspend Development of Regulations, Assert Primacy in Climate Policy Development

ARLINGTON, VA (March 4, 2010) - Today Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) introduced a bill to suspend potential Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation of greenhouse gases from stationary sources for two years. The legislation directs that for two years after enactment the EPA can take no regulatory action and that no stationary source shall be subject to any requirement to obtain a permit or meet a New Source Performance Standard under the Clean Air Act with respect to carbon dioxide or methane, except for the widely-supported motor vehicle emission standards.  Visit Senator Jay Rockefeller's Website for more information.  

American Chemistry Council (ACC) President and CEO Cal Dooley issued the following statement:

"We welcome Senator Rockefeller's decision to introduce this bill.  Given EPA's inadequate response to the many important questions being raised about the economic impact of pending EPA regulations, it's imperative that Congress step in, suspend development of the regulations, and assert firm control over national climate policy.  Senator Rockefeller's bill is a measured response that deserves serious consideration by the House and Senate.  We also commend the leadership of those in Congress who, like Senator Rockefeller, understand the consequences of EPA's action for American jobs and the economy.

We agree with Senator Lisa Murkowski's assessment that Senator Rockefeller's bill is a sign of growing "˜resistance to EPA's back-door climate regulations.'  We urge Congress to move quickly to halt EPA's ill-considered regulatory plan, and the Rockefeller legislation is an important step in the process.  Congress must also develop a long-term greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategy for the nation.

As we stated last week, we believe the EPA response is incomplete and unacceptable.  It does not address the significant concerns that have been raised by Members of Congress and the business community about the impact of the regulations on investment in new facilities, business expansion, and job creation.  While regulation of GHGs from stationary sources goes to the heart of our economic recovery and America's competitiveness, EPA's proposal fails to provide the protection needed. [ View ACC's statement on the EPA response ]."

Learn more about energy and stationary sources of GHGs  and visit the Coalition for American Jobs .


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