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WASHINGTON (December 22, 2015) - Today, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) jointly released an Alternate Security Program (ASP) template and guidance document for use by their member company facilities to comply with the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) regulatory program. Security plans developed using the ASP package will help provide the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with greater clarity about regulated facilities' security measures and how they meet or exceed CFATS requirements, while simplifying the compliance process for facility owners and operators.

Under CFATS, regulated facilities must submit a Site Security Plan (SSP) to DHS outlining existing and planned measures to address potential security threats. The submission of plans using the ASP guidance document and template is an alternate approach to completing the SSP requirement that is explicitly permitted under CFATS.

"America's chemical manufacturers continue to make significant progress when it comes to securing our nation's critical chemical infrastructure," said Bill Erny, ACC's Senior Director of Security . "This joint ASP guidance document and template provides an option for the regulated community that paints a clear picture of the security measures in place and provides a concise and reliable format for DHS analysis and site inspections. This tool will facilitate a more effective working relationship between facility operators and DHS by ensuring that a complete security plan is presented to DHS inspectors during an audit. The tool can be used by any facility that is covered by CFATS and is available to all facility operators."

NACD Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Jennifer Gibson  stated, "Chemical distributors take the safety and security of their employees and surrounding communities very seriously. This ASP package will give NACD member companies the tools necessary to tailor their facility security to their specific needs while also keeping the people that live and work around them safe. NACD will continue to work with our industry partners at ACC as well as DHS personnel to ensure our industry remains committed to facility security and that regulators provide appropriate flexibility for companies to comply with CFATS regulations."

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