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WASHINGTON (April 27, 2020) – Although the 2020 GlobalChem Conference & Exhibition was cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, ACC is committed to engaging its GlobalChem audience in a meaningful and impactful way during these difficult times. ACC holds GlobalChem to a high standard as the premier forum for information sharing in the chemicals management arena, and the efforts made in shaping the 2020 conference have reinforced ACC's vision of providing a program with a high level of value for the industry.

ACC invites participants to join weekly, 90-minute webinars on topics drawn from the GlobalChem 2020 agenda each Wednesday at 12:00 pm EDT. The first in the series will take place on Wednesday, April 29. These webinars are designed to address major developments in chemicals management and provide participants a chance to engage with policymakers and other key experts throughout the chemical industry value chain.

The first two webinars are complimentary, and parts three through 10 require a single, all-inclusive fee (ACC Members $299/Nonmembers $399). For full details about each webinar and to register visit

  • April 29: TSCA Fees 101
  • May 6: 2020 TSCA Chemical Data Reporting
  • May 13: TSCA New Chemicals
  • May 20: TSCA Risk Evaluations – Lessons Learned from the First 10 Risk Evaluations
  • May 27: Global Chemicals Management Challenges and Opportunities – SAICM and ICCM5
  • June 3: Microplastics and the Chemical Industry
  • June 10: New Approach Methodologies and their Impacts on TSCA Implementation
  • June 17: Trade is 2020 – USMCA, Brexit, China and COVID-19
  • June 24: Sustainability – A New Benchmark for Chemicals and Chemical Regulation?
  • July 1: Nomenclature and TSCA

For real-time news updates regarding the conference, follow ACC (@AmChemistry) on Twitter, and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by using the hashtag #GlobalChem. You can also follow along through ACC’s blog American Chemistry Matters.


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