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February 23, 2010

ARLINGTON, VA (February 23, 2010) - The American Chemistry Council (ACC) today hosted a special workshop titled, " Navigating Obstacles Towards Modernizing Risk Assessment ," through the Long Range Research Initiative (LRI) program.  More than 150 science-policy, regulatory and academic researchers gathered to discuss new methods for next generation risk assessments and modernization efforts that will impact the way in which the chemical industry and the government manage chemical products in commerce.

"Harnessing the advances made in science and technology over the past three decades will help develop a comprehensive chemical management law that puts the safety of the American consumer first, while promoting the innovation that will lead to the development of essential new chemical products and new high-paying American jobs,"  stated Cal Dooley , American Chemistry Council President and CEO.  "LRI provides a unique platform where stakeholders across all sides of this issue""industry, environmental groups, policymakers, regulators, the science community and animal welfare groups""work together to enhance the way chemicals are managed in commerce,"

Through LRI, the chemical industry promotes the development of new scientific methods that help regulators, industry and the public understand potential risks from chemicals.  The work is performed independently in government, university, and other research institution laboratories, and the results are made public by the researchers, regardless of the impact to the industry.

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