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SPE Contact: Gail R. Bristol  +1 203-740-5447

WASHINGTON (December 17, 2012) - The American Chemistry Council (ACC) and  Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) today announced a new partnership that will increase the value of both associations to their respective members and increase awareness that plastic materials and products are contributing to a more sustainable future. Through the partnership, members of both organizations will enjoy certain reciprocal benefits, and, to some extent, the associations agreed to use each other's communication channels.

"Our partnership with  ACC's Plastics Division will provide value to our members by enhancing access to market data and information on the sustainability of plastics, and by creating a framework to better leverage the expertise and the communications networks that exist within this industry," said Willem De Vos, SPE's chief executive officer. "In an increasingly challenging economic environment, the supporting bodies of our industry can only gain by doing things together and taking advantage of each other's resources to support our industry, our companies and our members in a professional manner," said De Vos.

"Plastics engineers are working every day to bring innovative materials and applications to life," said Steve Russell , ACC's vice president of plastics. "Through this new partnership we hope to support their work through access to more comprehensive information about the sustainability of plastics across a variety of applications."


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