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WASHINGTON (February 14, 2019) – The American Chemistry Council (ACC) made the following comments after the announcement of EPA’s comprehensive PFAS Action Plan:

“ACC looks forward to reviewing the PFAS management plan. We continue to support strong national leadership in addressing PFAS and firmly believe that EPA is best positioned to provide the public with a comprehensive strategy informed by a full understanding of the safety and benefits of different PFAS chemistries.

“ACC supports inclusion of initiatives in EPA’s plan that can be implemented quickly that are based on the best-available science. It is also essential that EPA communicate effectively to the public to build confidence, transparency, and credibility in the actions it is taking.

“A science-based management plan will help states by providing access to a broader range of resources; ensuring uniform standards across the country to enable straightforward compliance; and minimizing the burden on states that are already short on resources. We look forward to reviewing the plan and providing EPA with comments.”


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