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New Resource Intended to Aid Consumers Contains Serious Misinformation Says ACC

WASHINGTON (April 1, 2016) - Today California's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment launched a website for consumers and businesses intended to provide information about chemicals listed under Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 . The law prohibits manufacturers and facilities from knowingly exposing any individual to a listed chemical without first providing a "clear and reasonable warning" to individuals. The website is a resource to provide consumers and businesses with additional information on specific listed chemicals. In response, the American Chemistry Council has issued the following statement:

"We support consumers' access to important information about chemicals and how they can be used safely. Chemical makers invest significant resources to study and test the products of chemistry and to thoroughly understand a variety of factors including to what degree individuals are exposed to chemicals, as the mere presence of a chemical is not an indication that there is cause for health concerns.

"The American Chemistry Council is concerned about the validity of information contained on the Prop65 Warning website launched today by OEHHA. When the site was first proposed, ACC noted that an OEHHA website would be duplicative of the many existing resources that already provide information for consumers who wish to access it. Despite years of public comment and over the strong objections of a coalition of more than 170 businesses and trade groups, OEHHA moved forward with the site, which based on a cursory review, contains inaccurate information and no simple remedy for correction.

"A spot check of information on the site reveals some claims are not supported by the available science. OEHHA has a responsibility to avoid confusing and needlessly alarming consumers with inaccurate information presented as 'fact.' We strongly encourage OEHHA to incorporate more transparency and vetting of information before it is finalized and posted to avoid regrettable errors."



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