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The Four Awards Were Given Out At the 2018 Polyurethanes Technical Conference

WASHINGTON (October 3, 2018) – The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) today announced four winners of CPI Distinguished Leadership Awards. Dr. Cynthia Graham of Huntsman, John Sebroski of Covestro, Richard Skorpenske of Covestro and Rick Wood, formerly with Air Products, now founder of Wood Industrial Health Associates. The awards were announced during the closing session of the 2018 Polyurethanes Technical Conference in Atlanta.

“CPI established these awards a few years ago to recognize individuals who have provided outstanding leadership and advanced the goals of CPI and the interests of industry,” Lee Salamone, senior director of CPI, said. “I am thrilled to honor Cynthia, John, Richard and Rick because we owe much of our forward progress and success as an association to the valuable contributions of people like them.”

Graham is a Toxicology and Issue Manager Consultant with Huntsman Polyurethanes and a recognized expert in dermal and respiratory sensitization of isocyanates. She’s been involved in CPI for many years, as well as ACC’s Diisocyanates Panel and the International Isocyanate Institute. Her leadership on the CPI Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Research Work Group has been instrumental in expanding knowledge about the effects of potential exposure to polyurethane raw materials.

Sebroski is a principal scientist in the Environmental Analytics group for Covestro in Pittsburgh, with more than 30 years of experience at the company. He is currently the chair of the CPI Spray Polyurethane Foam Emissions Task Force and the SPF Emission TG at ASTM International, where he has led the development of standard methods to measure emissions from freshly sprayed SPF. His work will help support the use of SPF in sustainable construction and provide information related in indoor air quality.

Skorpenske leads advocacy and sustainability activities within the Covestro polyurethanes business in Pittsburgh, where he spent more than 20 years focused on R&D, business development, business strategy, the implementation of technologies to improve foam properties, indoor air quality and the development of more sustainable chemistries. He has chaired, participated in and led many activities at CPI, where his leadership and vision have helped shape the organization and its strategy for years. He served as the chair of the former CPI Management Committee, helped develop the strategy to increase CPI’s product stewardship program on spray foam and served as the first chair of the CPI Sustainability Committee.

Wood worked for Air Product and Chemicals, Inc. for more than 30 years as the Manager for Global Industrial Hygiene Services. At CPI, he led the efforts for the large scale SPF emissions testing standard currently under development at ASTM. These studies, were developed to help increase understanding about industrial hygiene and worker safety during SPF application.

In addition to the Distinguished Leadership Awards, the 2018 Polyurethanes Technical Conference also featured the 2018 Polyurethane Innovation Award – won by Demilec (USA) Inc. – 15 technical sessions, 22 posters, 78 papers and 54 exhibitors, as well as the Professional Development Program.

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