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Monahan Partners with Plastics Make it Possible® to Highlight Role of Plastics
in Fashion and Growing Use of Recycled Plastics 

Gretta Monahan WASHINGTON (December 4, 2012) - Popular "stylist to the stars"  Gretta Monahan has unveiled a new video on the indispensable role of plastics in fashion . In partnership with Plastics Make it Possible , the celebrity stylist, trendsetter, and sustainability advocate also blogs about the rapid rise in the use of recycled plastics in clothing and accessories , underscoring how the eco-chic movement has become mainstream in the fashion world.

Perhaps best known as one of Rachel Ray's "buddies" and Tim Gunn's "fashion accomplice," Monahan has appeared on numerous TV shows recently to highlight the broad, innovative uses of plastics and recycled plastics in clothing and accessories.

In a video recorded in New York City for Plastics Make it Possible , Monahan illustrates how the versatility of plastics inspires fashion designers, allowing them to explore new possibilities. In addition, Monahan blogs about her favorite trends of the fall season made possible by plastics, including faux leather, sheer fabrics, metallics, bold handbags, and recycled plastics in clothing and accessories. And she explains how recycled plastics have helped popularize the "eco-chic" movement now permeating the fashion world as more brands focus on sustainability.

Her new video and blogs are available on the Plastics Make it Possible Website at .

"Many people may not realize that contemporary fashion as we know it wouldn't exist without plastics," Monahan said. "Plastics are amazingly versatile. From faux leather to metallic fabrics to sheer chiffon, some of the hottest styles rely on plastics.

"And I'm especially excited that both designers and shoppers have enthusiastically embraced recycled plastics in recent years," she continued. "Recycled plastics have quickly become a preferred material for making fashionable eco-chic clothing and accessories."

Since their introduction into the fashion world in the early twentieth century, plastics have made possible a wide range of practical, iconic, and even outrageous designs: sheer nylons, slimming undergarments, daring bikinis, bold red carpet dresses, oversized sunglasses, affordable costume jewelry, easy-care work outfits, and moisture-wicking sports clothing. And due to advances in recycling technology, fashion designers have lately incorporated recycled plastics into fabrics and accessories for on-trend dresses, blouses, skirts, and more.

"Gretta Monahan clearly appreciates the role of fashion in our lives and how plastics have provided inspiration for fashion designers over decades," said Steve Russell , vice president of plastics for the American Chemistry Council, which sponsors the Plastics Make it Possible initiative. "By sharing her talent and unique voice, she's amplified our efforts to encourage consumers to recycle more plastics and to look for fashion and other products made with recycled plastics."

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Plastics Make it Possible highlights the many ways plastics inspire innovations that improve our lives, solve big problems, and help us design a safer, more promising future. This initiative is sponsored by the 
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About Gretta Monahan

Gretta Monahan, a self-made style maven, is harnessing the fashion world by its stilettos and reinventing the concept of style and pampering for everyone from Hollywood superstars to the mom next door. Monahan has played an influential role in the fashion industry for nearly a decade, traveling to Milan, Paris, and New York each season to hand pick the most coveted pieces for her celebrity clients and clothing boutiques. An outspoken advocate of sustainability in the fashion industry, Monahan has appeared on TV shows across the country to promote the use of recycled plastics to make stylish clothing and accessories.


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