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Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, SABIC, Ethyl Corp. Honored with Top Responsible Care® Award at ACC Annual Meeting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.  (June 7, 2016) – The American Chemistry Council (ACC) honored three member companies today – Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, SABIC and Ethyl Corporation – with the Responsible Care® Company of the Year award, recognizing their exceptional achievements and leadership in environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) performance.

Responsible Care is our industry’s commitment to doing more and continually doing better,” said ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley. “Chevron Phillips Chemical, SABIC and Ethyl Corporation each embody what it means to be a Responsible Care company. They are leaders in our industry, demonstrating superior achievements in environment, health, safety and security performance, as well as product stewardship.” 

To be eligible for the Responsible Care Company of the Year award, companies must demonstrate: a recordable injury rating in the top 10 percent of companies in their size category; positive performance trends in process safety, transportation safety and emissions reduction; public availability of product stewardship information; as well as on-time or early completion of required performance metrics reporting and RCMS®/RC14001® certification and Code implementation.

Last year, following a detailed self-assessment, Chevron Phillips Chemical developed and launched its set of “Life Saving Rules” across the entire company. This initiative showcases clear and concise safety instructions that reinforce existing guidance to protect workers, ensuring everyone goes home safe at the end of each day. Chevron Phillips Chemical is routinely recognized by others and was named as a 2015 Top Workplace by the Houston Chronicle, as well as a 2015 Texas Workforce Solutions Employer of the Year.

“Since our company’s inception, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to operate a business that adds value and is sustainable for all stakeholders,” said Chevron Phillips Chemical President and CEO Peter Cella. “We believe the keys to success in Responsible Care can be found in the 9,000 men and women who walk through our gates every day, guided by three simple philosophies – work safely or not at all, there is always time to do it right, and, if it’s worth doing, do it better.”

SABIC’s leadership in Responsible Care is underscored through several initiatives, including its SABIC Process Hazard Analysis, which helps manage product hazard communications and internal risk-assessment processes. Under the program, SABIC has identified and corrected safety issues in a range of company operations. Through implementing RC14001, SABIC has increased transparency and improved its EHS&S measurement systems. In 2015, SABIC reported a 60 percent improvement from the previous year in its “Days Away From Work” safety rate.

“This award is recognition for SABIC, that EHS&S is more than just a priority – it’s a core value, a deeply held belief that is driving actions and behaviors of our employees,” said SABIC Vice President Mike Walsh. “Embracing the Responsible Care ethic has driven SABIC to adopt a sustainable mindset into all of our activities. By striving for a sustainable future, we have made improvements in our use of energy, water and raw materials to protect the global environment.”

In 2014, Ethyl’s Houston plant set up two teams to identify and implement several energy efficiency projects aimed at reducing overall energy consumption. These and other efforts lead to a 43 percent reduction in kilowatt hours used per unit of production at Ethyl’s Houston plant over the past 10 years.  For the past five years, the same facility has received the “Perfect Record Award” from the National Safety Council for safety performance, and Ethyl has had zero recordable employee injuries in 2013, 2014 and 2015 across the company.

“Responsible Care fits very well with our own core values – unquestioned integrity, respect for our people, respect for the community, respect for the environment and the highest standards for worker health and safety,” said Ethyl Corporation President John Street. “Congratulations go to everyone at Ethyl Corporation. And we will continue to improve, because what is excellent today, will become normal tomorrow.”

Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s world-class EHS&S performance initiative. Since 1988, Responsible Care companies have reduced hazardous releases to the air, land and water by 77 percent, improved energy efficiency overall, and have a worker safety record that is five times better than the U.S. manufacturing industry as a whole and almost three times better than the business of chemistry overall.

View the 2016 Responsible Care® Company of the Year Award video here or below.


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