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WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 6, 2012) - The  Foam Sheathing Committee (FSC) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), through an industry effort, achieved an important change in gaining broad acceptance of a performance-based standard for the use of foam insulation products in all code complying commercial applications during the recent International Building Code (IBC) Final Action Hearings in Portland, Oregon. The International Code Council (ICC) approved for inclusion in the 2015 International Building Codes the Structural Building Components Association's (SBCA) FS 100-2012: Standard Requirements for Wind Pressure Resistance and Foam Plastic Insulating Sheathing Used in Exterior Wall Covering Assemblies

This is an important development as this standard was just recently approved by the American National Standards Institute. Inclusion of this standard in the 2015 edition of the IBC was unusually quick and efficient due to the hard work by industry to create the needed consensus. This standard will set a solid performance foundation for foam plastic insulating sheathing (FPIS) products and expand the use of these products where wind pressure resistance requirements in commercial construction have been constrained in the past. This will help architects, engineers, and builders use FPIS products such as continuous insulation in exterior wall covering assemblies to meet the energy efficiency demands of the International Energy Conservation Code while also meeting all the requirements for wind pressure performance. 

This technical standard is important for designers, builders and, ultimately, the public in establishing structural resistance due to wind pressure and quality control requirements that substantiate full code compliance for FPIS products. 

Responding to this development, Greg Bergtold, Chairman of the ACC-FSC stated, "This is a significant outcome that will expand the proper use of foam sheathing products in commercial construction and demonstrates industry's effectiveness in finding solutions when working together."

This code change is the result of hard work from a range of stakeholders to demonstrate the technical basis for FPIS products in wall assemblies led by Jay Crandell, P.E., technical consultant for the ACC's FSC, with support from members of the FS 100 Project Committee, builders, building officials, fastener companies, the insurance industry and the forest products industry. This is a significant development in support of FSC's mission to create positive and proactive solutions to enhance safety through the building codes and promote the proper use and installation of foam sheathing in the construction industry.

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