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Center for the Polyurethanes Industry Offers
Significant Resources in Spanish for Workers Using Polyurethanes

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WASHINGTON (February 11, 2013) - The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) now offers two spray polyurethane foam ("spray foam") health and safety training programs in Spanish. The training programs, one for high-pressure and one for low-pressure spray foam, provide information for contractors, applicators or helpers who work with spray foam systems and kits. Both programs are available in Spanish and English for free on .

"The two SPF Chemical Health and Safety Training programs in Spanish are the latest guidance from CPI on spray foam for professional applicators. Since its initial release in 2010 in English, more than 6,000 individuals have accessed the high-pressure spray foam training either online or in an instructor-led class. Now, with the recent addition of the two training programs in Spanish, we look forward to reaching even more people," said CPI Senior Director Lee Salamone.

About the SPF Chemical Health and Safety Training Programs

The SPF Chemical Health and Safety Training programs provide information about the use, handling and disposal of spray foam, potential health hazards and control measures, including engineering controls and personal protective equipment. Each program takes between two to two and a half hours to complete. Those who successfully pass the test on the training material receive a "Recognition of Completion" form and wallet-sized card, which are valid for two years.

Additional Resources Available in Spanish

In addition to the high- and low-pressure spray foam training programs, CPI currently offers 15 guidance documents in Spanish for workers using polyurethanes. These documents provide helpful information about transportation, handling, personal protective equipment and other important topics for the safe and effective use of polyurethanes. For these and more resources, visit .

"The polyurethanes industry is strongly committed to the health and safety of workers and consumers. CPI's SPF training programs and other Spanish-language resources provide valuable information to professionals about using polyurethane products safely and appropriately," said Salamone.

Funding for the Low-Pressure Spray Foam Training

The Research Foundation for Health and Environmental Effects (RFHEE), a non-profit organization established by ACC that supports projects to enhance the understanding, safe use and positive impact of chemistry to society and that preferentially seeks projects with joint sponsorship among industry, public agencies, academia and other foundations, was awarded the $48,000 grant through OSHA's Susan Harwood Training Grant Program. CPI executed the project in partnership with RFHEE. The $48,000 federal grant provided for 60 percent of the $80,000 budget for the new low-pressure training program. CPI provided the remaining 40 percent, or $32,000.

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