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WASHINGTON, DC (May 7, 2019) – Today Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed into law legislation that would allow the use of aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) during emergency situations, while restricting its use in training exercises.

Georgia’s Legislature overwhelmingly passed and Governor Kemp signed into law HB 458, which establishes statewide uniform requirements that would restrict the use of firefighting foam that contains added PFAS chemistries for training, testing, while allowing for continued sale and use against real-world fires.

“By passing this important bill, Georgia’s elected officials are taking a responsible approach to ensuring continued access to these essential firefighting tools, while at the same time eliminating potential environmental impacts during training and testing,” said Michael Power, American Chemistry Council’s Senior Director of the Southeastern Division.

Class B firefighting foams control combustible and flammable liquid fuel fires that can be challenging to manage. The use of these materials can be essential for handling such fires at military bases, airport operations, storage tanks, petroleum/chemical operations, rail transportation and some power generating facilities. The ability of foam to rapidly extinguish flammable liquid fires is credited with saving lives and property, and also minimizing the global pollution that can result from the uncontrolled burning of flammable liquids.

“I am proud that Georgia has taken this common-sense approach to firefighting foam, an important and necessary tool for our first responders,” stated Governor Kemp. “HB 458 was bipartisan legislation with support from the private and public sectors to limit the use of this foam to emergency situations instead of banning the product’s use entirely.  This legislation strikes the right balance without sacrificing safety.”


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