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September 18, 2010

The Sports Authority, Los Angeles Galaxy, American Chemistry Council and Keep California Beautiful Partner with Young Athletes to Increase Recycling Efforts

San Bernardino, CA (Sept. 18, 2010) - Citing the need for all Californians to work together to increase recycling and reduce litter, Sports Authority , Los Angeles Galaxy , Keep California Beautiful (KCB) and American Chemistry Council (ACC) today announced the launch of, "Recycle.Goal."-a new program in Southern California that encourages soccer players to recycle, rewards them for their efforts and educates them about the value of recycling.

Soccer teams comprised of players ages 10-13 will compete to collect the most recyclable material by weight in several categories of common recyclables. Each participating team will earn a gift card to the Sports Authority for the team's use, and the team that delivers the most pounds of recyclables overall will win tickets to a future Los Angeles Galaxy event or game.

Participants include teams from the Alliance Futbol Club (San Bernardino), Canyon PSA (Anaheim), Diamond Bar Soccer League and Imperial Valley SA (El Centro)-a total of 22 teams from four clubs.

By collecting recyclables, teams are not only earning gift cards and tickets; they are also helping keep their communities clean. Business leaders from both the Galaxy and the Sports Authority say they are proud to encourage these athletes.

"These athletes should be commended," said Galaxy Youth Soccer Representative Ryan Loza. "Recycling is easy and doesn't take a lot of time. They are learning valuable lessons about being good citizens and they're great examples to others their age. We are glad to be a part of any program that supports our youth in this way."

"Sports Authority is passionate about sports-especially youth athletics," said Katie Feingold, Community Marketing Manager of Sports Authority. "We are proud to support successful programs on and off the field and know "Recycle. Goal". is one of those programs. It goes beyond the field of competition and encourages these athletes to contribute to their communities."

Representatives from ACC and KCB say the key to preserving California's beauty is investing in children by promoting good habits now.

"Many items-such as plastic bottles and containers-need to be recycled because they aren't trash at all," said Christine Flowers, executive director of Keep California Beautiful. "If we all work together, we can help protect California by using less disposable products, recycling more of all the waste materials we use and teaching our children the role they can play in preserving and enhancing the future of our state's natural beauty."

"Plastics are a valuable resource and ACC is committed to helping Californians learn more about recycling opportunities so that plastics can go on to live second lives as useful new products," said Steve Russell , vice president, plastics , American Chemistry Council. "By raising awareness and educating our youth, our partners are helping us achieve the goal of getting everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle to preserve the environment."

The program, which runs September 11, 2010 through October 31, 2010, is part of the Plastics. Too Valuable to Waste. Recycle. SM campaign, a successful public-private partnership effort involving ACC, KCB, California Department of Parks and Recreation and many others. Through their efforts, more than 700 seasonal and permanent recycling bins have been placed at more than 30 locations in the San Diego, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, San Francisco and Santa Cruz areas.

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