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Senate Hearing Highlights Benefits of Robust, Diverse Sources

WASHINGTON (May 19, 2015) - The American Chemistry Council (ACC) issued the following statement prior to today's  hearing in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee examining energy supply legislation.

"We look forward to today's hearing on energy supply legislation. Responsible development of diverse energy sources is vital to our energy security and prosperity, and the broad range of bills to be covered this morning will help boost supplies of American-made energy, from natural gas and renewables to geothermal and hydropower.

"As the nation's largest industrial consumer of natural gas, we welcome efforts to increase access to this remarkable resource, which our industry will use to continue its unprecedented investment and growth in the United States. We commend the sponsors of revenue-sharing legislation, which will let coastal states share in the benefits of offshore energy development while encouraging new supplies that can strengthen manufacturing and create jobs .

"ACC supports a  comprehensive energy strategy that maximizes all energy resources, including oil and natural gas, coal, nuclear power, alternatives and renewables; prioritizes greater  energy efficiency in homes, buildings and industrial facilities; and encourages adoption of innovative energy sources such as energy recovery ."


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