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WASHINGTON (May 27, 2016) – The American Chemistry Council issued the following statement regarding the Ocean Conservancy’s recently released “30th Anniversary International Coastal Cleanup Report.” It may be attributed to Steve Russell, vice president of plastics:

“This year’s report from the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup is a reminder that while progress is being made, much needs to be done to keep trash out of our oceans. The debris recovered from our planet’s beaches illustrates a global problem that requires local, national, regional and global solutions.

“Plastic makers are taking action. In 2011, plastics associations from regions across the globe joined forces to work on marine debris solutions in six key areas: education, research, public policy, sharing best practices, plastics recycling/recovery, and plastic pellet containment. These efforts are formalized under the “ Declaration of the Global Plastics Solutions for Solutions on Marine Litter,” which has been signed by 65 plastics associations in 34 countries.

“Our 2016 Progress Report lists 260 projects that have been launched since the Declaration was initiated. As a united global industry, we have active marine litter prevention programs occurring in all regions of the globe and we are continually pursuing opportunities to grow our work.

“Plastic materials are valuable and contribute to sustainability in a myriad of ways. They do not belong in our oceans.”

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