WASHINGTON (March 4, 2014) - A diverse coalition of manufacturing associations today unveiled a  set of principles that will help establish a meaningful, effective program for assessing chemicals in consumer products and identifying possible alternatives. If done right, alternative assessments can help policymakers and manufacturers make more informed decisions about the health and environmental impacts of some products, and guide the development of new and improved products for the marketplace.

Many consumer product-makers apply alternatives assessments during the research and development phase. The principles released today reflect some of the best practices manufacturers recommend for establishing an alternatives program that will improve public health and the environment without stifling innovation. For example, an alternatives assessment should be driven by consideration of a chemical's hazard properties and the chemical's intended uses, expected exposures, and the impact of its uses in products and processes throughout the value chain.

"Alternative assessments should lead to the development of new, commercially feasible products that boast improved safety and environmental profiles without sacrificing on performance for consumers," the Coalition said. "If the development of an alternative assessment program is warranted, we believe our principles will provide policymakers and other manufacturers with the information they need to create flexible, yet effective alternative assessment programs that stimulate innovation while improving the safety, performance or value of industry products."

The coalition's complete alternative assessment principles can be found here .

The supporting organizations include the American Coatings Association, American Chemistry Council, American Cleaning Institute, Consumer Specialty Products Association, Grocery Manufacturers Association, International Fragrance Association North America, Personal Care Products Council, and the Toy Industry Association.

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American Cleaning Institute
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American Chemistry Council
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Grocery Manufacturers Association
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Consumer Specialty Products Association
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Toy Industry Association
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Personal Care Products Council
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