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WASHINGTON (Oct. 11, 2013) - In an effort to enhance emergency planning and coordination with the federal government, the American Chemistry Council (ACC), along with members from the Chemical Sector Coordinating Council (CSCC), issued today the first edition of the "Playbook for an Effective All-Hazards Chemical Sector Response" (Playbook). Drawing on lessons learned from previous disasters, the Playbook outlines the roles and responsibilities shared by industry and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to ensure a well-coordinated response to an all-hazards emergency.

"The operating guidelines contained in this Playbook serve to fulfill our commitment to safety and resiliency during an emergency and to provide a more effective process for the chemical sector and DHS to strengthen their partnership in relation to critical infrastructure protection," said ACC Senior Director of Security, Bill Erny.

Last June, ACC hosted a Chemical Sector Emergency Response Table Top Exercise (TTX) , a first-of-its-kind disaster response drill, modeled after Superstorm Sandy. The purpose of the TTX was to facilitate a collaborative discussion among stakeholders and to create an effective chemical sector response to an emerging all-hazards threat, such as a natural disaster. The exercise helped to identify major strengths of current public-private sector protocols, as well as areas needing further improvement. The findings served as the basis for the development of the new Playbook.

"Studying previous disaster scenarios and the threats they posed to our people, our communities and our facilities is one of the most effective ways to ensure we are prepared in the event of a future emergency response situation," Erny noted. "The Playbook, combined with the lessons we have learned through participation in conferences, security summits and listening sessions and in our ongoing discussions with members of Congress, will help our industry meet the evolving needs for future emergencies."


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