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WASHINGTON (January 12, 2016) - Today, Scientists at Ocean Conservancy and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) released a study in the journal Marine Policy which attempted to quantify selected impacts of litter on marine life around the world. The following statement can be attributed to Keith Christman, managing director of plastics markets for the American Chemistry Council.

"America's plastic makers welcome this new study as a contribution to better understanding how litter-and in particular fishing gear-affects the marine environment. Although the study identified fishing gear as the greatest concern, we look forward to continued work on programs, projects and other collaborations to eliminate the flow of trash into our oceans.

"Every day, plastics benefit the environment by helping to conserve materials, trim waste, lower energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The American Chemistry Council and its members are working hard to prevent plastics from becoming marine debris by promoting proper use, handling, recycling and recovery of these valuable materials. Through the American Chemistry Council, America's plastics makers have helped lead the development of the plastics industry's " Global Declaration on Marine Litter ," which has been signed by more than sixty plastics associations in 34 countries . Today, more than 185 projects focused on researching, preventing or reducing marine debris are underway around the globe."


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